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Carol Pastor - Gourmand Winner 2020
Good news ! My Afternoon Tea Book published by Anness Books has just won The Gourmand International Cook Book Award for The Best Pastry Book in the United Kingdom in 2020.
Carol Pastor - The Perfect Afternoon Tea Gourmand Winner 2020
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Carol Pastor
Carol Pastor makes cupcakes with a raspberry liqueur filling

Carol Pastor - Marshmallows and Nougat Book
Discover how easy it is to make melt-in- the-mouth marshmallows and delightfully gooey nougat in your own kitchen. Twenty five light and fluffy gourmet delights, includes fun kids party sweets like Lemon Sherbet UFO's and Angel Marshmallow Cornets to more elaborate and irresistible adult confections like Streaky Maya Chocolate, and Seville Orange Marshmallows as well as French Nougat with Candied Fruits and an Italian Nougat with the pure flavours of pistachio, honey and orange blossom. All techniques are clearly explained with delicious photographs throughout.

Carol Pastor - Afternoon Tea
This delightful recipe book presents more than 160 delicious and appealing dishes to make for afternoon tea. It opens with a brief history of afternoon tea traditions and etiquette. A guide to classic and specialty teas of the world follows, as well as information on how to choose, blend and make a perfect pot of tea. Enjoy classics such as cucumber sandwiches with crusts removed, squidgy chocolate éclairs, and scones with jam and cream. There are also contemporary recipe suggestions such as shallot, thyme and garlic cheese muffins, moreish peanut butter teabread, and chunky chocolate and banana cakes. With more than 160 recipes illustrated with 650 step-by-step photographs, there is sure to be a recipe to suit every occasion for afternoon tea.
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Carol Pastor - Cupcakes & Muffins
This book presents 150 recipes for muffins and cupcakes as well as plenty of different serving suggestions and topping ideas. This book details all the ingredients and equipment required and presents basic muffin and cupcake mixtures that can be used as the basis for any cake. Every recipe and technique is also clearly explained with the aid of beautiful step-by-step photographs. There are cook's tips, variations and nutritional breakdowns throughout.Whether you are an experienced baker or novice cook, or even cooking with children, this book will be a welcome addition to your kitchen shelf.
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Carol Pastor - Muffins
MUFFINS (Anness Publishing)
Nothing beats the taste of a freshly baked muffin, or the anticipation of a delicious treat as the aroma of home baking permeates the kitchen. These distinctly-shaped cakes are universally popular, and here are sweet and savoury flavours to suit all tastes. This beautiful book presents more than 80 muffin recipes as well as plenty of different serving suggestions and topping ideas. Traditional-style cake batters for plain and spiced fruit muffins sit alongside inventive contemporary recipes that incorporates every type of fruit and vegetable imaginable, as well as grains, herbs, flowers, and tempting sweet ingredients. Every recipe is shown step by step in more than 280 photographs. This irresistible collection of more-ish muffins will add a wonderful new dimension to your baking.
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CUPCAKES (Anness Publishing)
Cupcakes have a charm all of their own. These sweet little home-baked cakes have become the latest culinary rage. What was once a simple baked fairy cake - with the risen dome removed, buttercream added, and then the dome replaced - has evolved into a confection of infinite possibilities. A batch of cupcakes is gratifyingly quick and easy to bake, and the result is a small-scale, individually packaged indulgent treat for any time of day. This lavishly illustrated book contains 100 ideas for delicious cupcake batters, toppings and exquisite decorations.
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Carol Pastor - Food Magic
FOOD MAGIC (Cassell)
Turn mouthwatering pastries into veritable works of art. Pastry, in all its many forms and guises, can be highly decorative as well as delicious. Pastry Magic is an imaginative and original illustrated guide to pastry dishes, each of which is guaranteed to be the centre of attention on any table, on any occasion. Experienced cook and food stylist Carol Pastor explains the simple techniques that can transform party snacks, starters, main courses and desserts into visual and gastronomic delights. Beautifully illustrated in colour throughout, this book is packed with ideas to delight every creative home cook.
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Carol Pastor - Pastry Magic
Pastry Magic is an imaginative and original guide to pastry dishes, each of which is guaranteed to be the center of attention on any table - on any occasion. Experienced cook and food stylist Carol Pastor explains the simple techniques that can transform party snacks, starters, main courses and desserts into visual and gastronomic delights. Beautifully illustrated in colour throughout, this book is packed with ideas to delight every creative home cook. Includes more than 30 individual recipes and a special section on how to make 14 different types of pastry, from delicate filo to mouthwatering French-style pate sucree.
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Carol Pastor - Simple Home Baking
It's a baker's delight: home baking that's simple but simply scrumptious with results that are sweet perfection. Even the larger-than-life, full-page photos look good enough to eat! Serious bakers and tempted-to-try novices start with tempting toppers and fillers, including essential glazes, icings, fondants, marzipan, and banoffi cream. Then it's on to more than 90 international culinary jewels, including English scones, French madeleines, tarts, roulades, cakes, biscuits, muffins, and meringues. Tips on how to buy fresh, quality ingredients, plus stylish decorating and serving add a professional finish. It's the ultimate source in baking and sure to become a staple in every cook's library.
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Welcome to Carol Pastor's Website

Welcome to Carol's food website which is run by Carol and the team to bring you information on her cook books, recipes and magazine features, as well as a monthly kitchen gadget review, travel section and more.

Carol Pastor attended Brighton art college and worked as a designer on Woman’s Own, Honey magazine, TV Times and BBC Publications before
starting to write recipes. Traditional English cookery runs in Pastor’s family. Both her grandfathers were chefs, so following in the family tradition made the obvious choice, with the bonus of her artistic background to help her visualise how the recipes should look as well as taste.
Her fascination for decorative pastry led Cassell to publish her first cookbook in 1995 titled Pastry Magic which she styled and photographed herself. To date she has notched up more than 10 cookbooks. The creative style of her work has appealed to editors of many magazines which include Taste, House and Garden, Homes and Gardens, Inspirations magazine and Nouveau in Holland, often illustrated with her own photography. Today she is an award winning author who lives in the village of Storrington in West Sussex. Her special fields of work are recipe development and styling her own visual food features, alongside a growing fascination for interior design. She is married to The Bowie artist and print maker Terry Pastor. They have one son Maxwell who is a DJ and record label owner.

I have always believed that some areas of food preparation are far closer to art than to cookery and where my art school and magazine designer background come in handy is when I'm creating new recipes with exciting flavour combinations and puzzling out ways of presenting them visually. Part of my philosophy also is that you can't disguise cheap ingredients: the best vanilla pods or pure vanilla bean extract for example, free range eggs, quality meat (preferably locally-sourced) and fresh citrus fruit will make our dinner parties memorable far beyond the last morsel of dessert. Food gadgets and unusual moulds for shaping chocolate, marzipan or butter are on top of my list of collectibles. I have a large cabinet filled with them in my kitchen which are in constant use, hence the section - Gadget Review, (old and new), alongside a comprehensive selection of my recipes, ranging from a decorative pastry rabbit pie,duck pates, tarts with quince, chestnut cream roulades and extra buttery rich shortbreads, to generous American blueberry muffins.These recipes are formulated in the warm surroundings of my country kitchen where there's always a fresh aroma of coffee on the go for visitors and guests.

Marshall Cavendish
Homes and Gardens
House and Gardens
Cambridge Newspapers
New Holland
Reader's Digest
Anness Publishing
Lorenz Books
Whitworths Sugars

April 2012 Carol is invited to the United Arab Emirates hosted by the Department of Culture and Information to demonstrate the art of making cup cakes.

Carol Pastor takes a two day break in a fascinating city notable for its extraordinary cultural heritage, a heady mix of shops and wonderful coffee houses you are seriously tempted to stop in every half- hour for 'Kaffee and Kuchen'.

Gastronomic Lille
Carol Pastor visits Lille to delight in duck confit with sweet ginger biscuits, waffles, local beer and smelly cheeses and meets some passionate French foodies in the Flanders hills.

Cooking With Calvados
Carol Pastor visits Normandy, one of the great gastronomic regions of France to seek out the Cider Route in the heart of the Pays d' Auge where you're never far away from a glass or two of this famous amber nectar; that seems to find its way into many Norman dishes.

A Christmas Carol
Homes and Gardens magazine visits Carol Pastor in her country home where she prepares a sumptuous Christmas feast of Norfolk Black turkey stuffed with chestnuts and dried fruits,with all the trimmings, Debenham Ham, warm Bulgur Wheat Salad and a dish of Sweet Peppers; marinaded clementines; Italian Meringues and Paul Gayler's Goat's Cheese Tart with Candied Fruits.

Christmas Cooking
The Journals magazine - Cambridge
Christmas day is coming, but don't panic. Carol's selection of delicious home made edible gifts, including melon and fresh ginger conserve and a rich and creamy duck pate beautifully presented and personalised with her own labels are the little touches that make a Pastor Christmas so special.

SIMPLE BAKING published by New Holland
Bring out the Italian in you and try Carol's delicious recipe for this twice baked Italian speciality which can be found in her latest cook book, Simple Home Baking with over 90 recipes, ranging from French and scrumptious tarts, madeleines and biscuits to cakes, American muffins and scones.


Vanilla Sky
The Journal magazine - Cambridge
It may be a little extravagant but baking a vanilla pod in the golden domed surface of the cake - looks very attractive and informs the lucky recipient of it's pure flavour. See Carol's recipe for French vanilla loaf cake with white vanilla chocolate icing.

Inspirations magazine
Carol Pastor moulds new styles on a old favourite with her guide to making the freshest fruitiest jellies, which she combines with edible flowers and hand painted Art Deco china, to make truly picturesque summer desserts.

Fresh Fig Feature
The Journal magazine - Cambridge
Fresh figs prized for their luscious blush - pink flesh make wonderful additions to a Proscuitto and mozzarella salad, or a creamy goat's cheese mousse, and for those who are quite partial to a spoonful of good jam Carol invites you to bottle up her quick 10 - minute fig conserve.